The New Season 2020/2021 will Start on 1st of October 2020

Date : 10/09/2020


New Season Registration 2020-2021

New Season Registration 2020-2021

To: Tennis Institutions Managers

We pleased to invite you to Renew your Academy Affiliation for the Season 2020/2021 and update and register Coaches and Courts and Branches( If available), also if any changes in the Academies location and please advise us.


You can Renew you Affiliation through our website or by visiting our Office during working days  Sunday – Thursday from 10:00AM – 03:00PM.


According to the COVID-19 precaution, now all Players that participate in Closed, NON-Ranking &  Community Tournaments or Activities hosted by Affiliated Academies must registered  with UAE Tennis Federation and have their TE-PIN. Also for the School Tournament U10,U09 & U08 or Below will be suspended till further notice.


Also please fill the attach files and return it back before 25 SEP 2020:-


  1. TE Program (Academy), please choose the programmes that you will to participate in the season 2020-2021.
  2. Branches and Courts Details.





- TE Program (Academy)

- Importanrt Date 2020-2021

- Age Group 2019-2024

- Structure Fees

- Branches and Courts Details






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