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Date : 10/01/2021



An Exceptional Activity For UAE Tennis In January


Dubai – Media

Emirates tennis courts are witnessing an exceptional activity in the current month of January, with the establishment of 5 major tournaments in one month in a prominent organizational forum that reflects the high standards the UAE has in all aspects, including in the sports.

There are five upcoming tournaments in which, three will be held in Dubai, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Fujairah.

The Abu Dhabi Women's Tennis Championship

which will be held between 6-13th of January this year and it will be organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Professional Women’s Tennis Association, and it will be held in the Zayed Sports City stadiums with the participation of 64 players, including 4 of the top 10 ranked players in the world. Among them are American Kenin, ranked fourth in the world, and Ukrainian Svitolina, ranked fifth in the world, and other elite players.

Australian Open Qualifiers

Dubai will host during the period (10-13) January in the Dubai Duty Free stadiums, the Australian Open women's tennis qualifiers and qualify for the first Australian Open tennis tournament and one of the major tennis tournaments (Grand Slam) which are finals held in Melbourne Australia in Next February, 64 players will participate in Dubai qualifiers. It is hosted by Dubai Duty Free.

Beach tennis

The UAE Tennis Federation, with the sponsorship of the Dubai Sports Council, and in cooperation with EMPower Sports Services and the Habtoor Grand Hotel, and under the supervision of the International Tennis Federation (the Beach Tennis Committee), are organizing two beach tennis tournaments held in the Mina Seyahi district in Dubai, where the first will be held on January 15th with the participation of 64 male and female athletes while The second tournament will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of this month in the same stadiums. Its prize money is 4,000 dollars, with the participation of 128 male and female players.

Fujairah international

Fujairah will host between the 18-14th of January this year, the Fujairah International Women's Tennis Championship, with prizes valued at  25,000 dollars in addition to the classification points, under the supervision of the UAE and International Tennis Federations with the participation of 60 players from different countries of the world at the Mohammed bin Rashid complex Al Maktoum International Tennis at the Fujairah Tennis Club.

The UAE’s hosting of the mentioned tournaments comes as the country has a distinguished infrastructure and an ideal environment for practicing tennis in the Emirates.

In this context, the UAE Tennis Federation praised the efforts made by the organizing committees for the tournaments, stressing its readiness to provide all kinds of support available for its success in a manner befitting the UAE's standing in the world.

Incidentally, the General Secretary of the UAE Tennis Federation, Nasser Youssef Al-Marzouki, said that organizing three international tournaments in addition to the two beach championships with close periods reflects the distinctive position of the Emirati sport and that hosting a large number of the world's best players in a short period confirms that the UAE has become a distinct destination for tennis in the world and that this will be reflected positively On the development of the game in the country.






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