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Date : 01/03/2021



UAE Tennis Federation Joined World Tennis Number System

Dubai – Media Centre

The UAE Tennis Federation has officially organized the new international rating system of the International Tennis Federation related players ’points according to their local and international participation (world tennis points system), so that the UAE Tennis Federation is the second Arab federation to apply the system after Tunisia and the first at the level of the Arab Gulf states, and developed countries are keen In tennis, to apply it effectively and urges its players to join.

The implementation of the system is part of the federation’s strategy that focuses on upgrading the administrative work in accordance with the best international methods and directives of the Board of Directors to preserve the rights of male and female players during all local and international participation and to enhance their participation in various tournaments.

In turn, Vice President of the UAE Tennis Federation Ahmed Abdel Malek Ahli confirmed that the implementation of this new system comes within the directives of Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation, and within the vision of the federation to develop the game and spread its culture so that tennis is a basic sport in the Emirates, which will actually contribute to the development of its practice and the achievement of the expected gains And my family explained that the UAE Tennis Federation is a race to support the programs of the International Federation, which come within the aspects of cooperation between the two federations Indicating that the new global evaluation system will mainly contribute to attracting international players from different countries of the world to participate in the various tournaments organized in the Emirates and encourages citizen players to continue their practice of tennis and strive to develop their technical levels, as well as it places the UAE in the refineries of countries that apply mechanisms, laws and programs The International Federation with high professionalism, which can positively affect various sporting events, and my family confirmed that the Tennis Federation will organize virtual workshops and courses (remotely). To explain the contents of the new system in order to achieve the desired benefits from it, thanking the Federation work team for the efforts made. It is worth noting that the UAE Federation had earlier amended the regulations and laws of the local Ranking system in order to keep pace with the remarkable increase in the number of participants in these tournaments and in line with the International Tennis Federation systems.


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