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Date : 19/01/2021


Nikita: I recommend the best beach tennis players in the world to come to Dubai

After the Result of the second tournament

Media – Dubai

Last Friday, the Dubai Beach Tennis Championship was concluded in the Al Mina Tourist Area in Dubai, which was organized by the UAE Tennis Federation in cooperation with the Al Habtoor International Group and EMPower Sports Services and hosted by the Habtoor Grand Resort with the participation of 52 players from different countries of the world and its competitions were led by The Referee Maitham Hussain. The tournament witnessed the participation of the player Russian Nikita Burmakin, currently ranked third in the world and first in 2018-2019 And who expressed his happiness to visit Dubai and participate in the tournament, stressing that he had received a good welcome and support from his arrival at Dubai airport until his participation in the tournament, revealing that he had played the semi-finals, but he would be better in the tournament that will be held next Saturday, explaining: I previously hoped to come to Dubai, but There were no tennis tournaments to encourage me to attend, and now with the organization of tournaments I will keep up with the attendance regularly and I can hardly believe my eyes that I am in Dubai where the beautiful winter sun and the wonderful sea.

He added “I advise the world's best beach tennis players to come to Dubai to participate in the various tournaments organized by the UAE Tennis Federation, and certainly we need major tournaments and worthy prizes, and I advise players to practice beach tennis and for all ages.”


For her part, a member of the EMPower Sports Services team and Moroccan athlete, Safaa Bahman, said “It is a great thing that the beach tennis tournament is held in Dubai with the participation of this number of contestants of various classifications and from 27 countries in the world, although the tournaments are held recently, which reflects that beach tennis will be launched strongly. Towards the world from Dubai, so that it will be the capital of beach tennis in the winter as it is the countries of Europe in the summer, and I mentioned that the next tournament, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, in which very distinguished classified champions will participate.” and the final results resulted in the Moroccan duo, Safaa Bahaman and the Spanish Marta Apraiz winning first place for the doubles Ladies after Beating the Venezuelan duo Jessica Palma and the Slovakian Rebeka Zalesakova by two sets to none (6-3) for both groups.


Vladimir Helmut and Javier Mendes from Puerto Rico won the first place in the men's duo category after defeating South African duo Tiaan bredenkamp and Spaniard EmilioMisas in two sets for none (6-1) and (6-0). In contrast,

Emirati duo Omar Al Bastaki and Italian Nicola Festelli won two sets for none (6-1) and (6-0). Reaching together to the semi-finals of the tournament and bidding farewell to the competitions after losing to the champion in the strongest competitions in the tournament (6-7), (6-2) and (10-2) after a marathon match. The Syrian duo Ali Adib Tariq and the Russian Burmakin Nikita also presented to the semi-finals and lost After the most enjoyable performance in the audience.


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