The New Season 2020/2021 will Start on 1st of October 2020

Date : 04/06/2020


COVID 19 Precaution Measures

Dear Managers & Covid19 Supervisor.

Good morning,

In regards to the clarification requested and related to non-authorized Juniors Under 12.

The Juniors, who turned 12 on the  decision's to return Tennis Date ( 27/05/2020), those players are authorized to return to activities ( playing or coaching in maxi of 4 in one court) with these condition:-

1-The player must complete 12 Years on the day that return to Tennis..

2-The player must have TE-PIN , please inform the player to register with and get his/her TE-PIN for FREE till 30/09/2020.

Please fill the attach form and send back to

In the meantime all the Players or Coaches who turn 60 years after the Reopening of Tennis must be refused the Tennis Activities by the Covid19 Supervisors.

Please we count on your Commitment to care about the Guidelines and the Protocols for a safe and healthy progressive return to Tennis.

Up on we receive any updating we will send them to the Academies Covid19 Supervisor.

Very good return to Tennis.

UAE Tennis Federation.


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