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Date : 18/03/2021



UAE National Player & Team Captain

Media Centre - Dubai

The player and captain of the national tennis team Omar BAHROUZYAN is one of the most continuous players in the UAE in the game and one of the most accomplished players.

Despite the age of 39, his   tenderness is still glowing and his aspirations have become greater in the service of tennis in the UAE to the world, coaching and player and everything related to the game that he loved and sincerely.

He gave the official website of the UAE Tennis Federation a profile of his career, saying that:

- Start tennis at the age of six years, making him one of the first tennis practitioners in the UAE.  

- He remembers the great support of his father, who bought him a tennis racket that encouraged him to practice tennis and loved it as a basic sport in his life.

- Join the UAE Team at the age of 13 while winning their first title as UAE champion at the age of 15.

- Won first place at the level of the Championships of the Arab Gulf states and the GCC countries twice in the youth category and three times in the men’s category, the last of which was in Fujairah.

- Represent UAE in all international championships at the Arab, continental and international levels and the Davis Cup.

- He is considered the second most player represent his country in the Davis Cup competitions and is keen to beat the top player in the near future to achieve the record

- Started the coaching profession in addition to continuing to play where he coached the National team four years in a row and looks forward to providing the summary of his experience in tennis in a distinctive way

- Represent the UAE in 13 championships Dubai Duty Free to become the most player represent the UAE in this prestigious tournament.


Tips and Commandments

- My advice to tennis athletes is to be very happy when practicing this sport because it takes a lot of time for the player to rise himself to reach the top ranks

- Tennis is not a sport expected results where it is possible for a tennis player to succeed even if the player starts playing it later compared to the ages of talent

- I advise parents not to stop their children from playing tennis if they notice that winning titles is a little late because patience is one of the keys to winning tennis.

- I can't count the number of tournaments and titles I've won accurately, but it's certainly more than 150 Cup and 25 international color medals.


Finally, the ambition will not stop at anyone and thanks to the media initiative of the UAE Tennis Federation



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