Tournament Details
U18 Girls EFT Abu Dhabi

City :   Abu Dhabi

Date :   09/12/2022

Category :   Girls 18

Surface :   Hard

Prize Money :   $

Tournament Location

  • City/Town:  Abu Dhabi

  • Tennis club:  Sports France Limited

  • Address:  Abu Dhabi
  •   +971564860237



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Tournament Information

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Entry deadline:   05/12/2022

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Singles Main Draw

Size:   16

Dates:   09/12/2022 - 21/12/2022

Singles Qualifying Draw

Size:   8

Dates:   09/12/2022

Deadline :  05/12/2022

Doubles Main Draw


Dates:   09/12/2022 - 21/12/2022

Deadline  05/12/2022

Official Ball:  Nassau Pro

Prize money offered:   $

Hospitality:  none

Rule of the tournament:  Download

List

Pos Player Age UAE Ranking
1 Stuti DESAI 15 14

Main Draw Direct Acceptance

Pos Player Age UAE Ranking


Pos Player Age UAE Ranking
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Main Draw 



Round Robin